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The leasing business like most other businesses has become truly global in recent years.  Our firm is available to assist companies to understand the tax and financial modeling requirements of different types of transactions tailored to meet the needs of different marketplaces.  Whether our clients are interested in how to structure leasing transactions is Australia, Germany, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Japan or the United States we can assist them.  If they want to structure a project finance deal, real estate transaction or an off balance sheet financing our firm is experienced in all these areas.

When creating our financial models we use an internally developed modeling package.  Any model we develop is very flexible and easily modified.  People will typically use the models to also run matrix type sensitivity analyses and a universal target feature is available.  Termination simulations are easily analyzed by issuing a single command.  All financial analysis is supported with an extensive choice of standard reports or with custom reports created using the report writer.  All output may easily be copied into other software programs such as Excel or Power Point for presentation purposes.

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Portfolio Analysis

The modeling software may also be used to combine various files so that reports containing the cumulative results from all files may be obtained.  This is a very useful management tool.  For example, once a portfolio of leveraged leases is created a report could be printed to show the overall tax and accounting profile of the portfolio.  Having this information is useful when setting a target for the future level of investment in new leverage lease transactions.

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Customer Support

We have an experienced staff of financial consultants available to help our clients.  Customers can reach us from 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. EST Monday through Friday.  If someone calls outside normal office hours you will reach our voice mail. 

We work closely with clients when developing financial models and data files can easily be exchanged using email. 

You can contact a member of our support staff directly by calling (973) 912-7400 or fax us at (973) 912-7401. Our email address is: To reach us by mail please send your correspondence to:

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